Facebook Marketing For

Dance Studios

Facebook advertising can be an excellent part of a dance studio's marketing mix and is definitely worth considering. Have you decided to try Facebook advertising for your studio?

Deciding to do FB ads is one thing, but creating, optimizing and managing Facebook ad campaigns is another. And if you're like every other dance studio owner I've ever met, you don't have time to delve into social media marketing right now!!

Luckily, we can help you with that!

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Dance Studio Facebook Campaigns

With this offering, we'll create and implement your studio's Facebook campaign(s). Specifically, we'll do the following:

1 Creating a Facebook pixel ID for your studio

2 Embedding the pixel ID into your website code *

3 Creating your Business Manager in Facebook

4 Creating a target audience

5 Defining Campaign goal & budget

6 Ad creation: picture, carousel, or video

7 Ad management for the life of the campaign (up to 1 month)

For fuller details, FAQ's and cost information, click below!

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*For those with a StudioOfDance.com website. If you're not a website customer of ours, we'll give you the pixel code. You can then send the code to your website designer to set into your source code.